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Slim & Fit Tea 28-Day Detox


• 100% natural (contains no laxatives or caffeine)
• Provides abundant energy to get through each day
• Cleans your digestive system
• Delicious taste
• Mild and gentle enough to drink every day
• Improves your immune system
• Promotes fat burning and weight loss
• Reduces bloating

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Everyday drinking herbs stop being effective after a while and sometimes have a negative impact on your body. We’ve introduced a dosage to give your body exactly what it needs.
Sustainable weight loss is no mean feat. Those who promise a quick fix are fraudsters. When you drink our slimming tea every day, you will experience good health and weight loss.
As toxins sneak into your body, you feel tired and out of balance. Slim & Fit Tea aids the body in cleansing itself through the liver and kidneys.
A great taste is at the heart of our operation. We monitor how our recipes work to bring a healthy balance to your mind and body.
We don’t use laboratories, only kitchens. The organic tea experts at Slim & Fit Tea worked hard to produce a fresh and innovative taste. We ensure you get through each day with a spring in your step and a remarkable level of energy.


Enjoy the rich flavours of cassia, mulberry, and green tea leaves. Wake up feeling invigorated with our easy-to-digest tea.
Slim & Fit Tea supercharges your metabolism and digestive tracts. Our classic blend of organic ingredients stimulates your body to burn excess fat, provides vital antioxidants, and improves blood circulation.
If you have a bloated feeling, drink Slim & Fit Tea every morning with a glass of water. Slim & Fit Tea contains cassia, a natural laxative that facilitates digestion.
Customers who have tried Slim & Fit Tea said they suffered no pain or stomach cramps. They also relished the great taste of our herbal tea and lost weight within two weeks of taking our slimming tea.

Safety Warning

Pregnant women should consult their physicians before starting a 28-day detox.
Adults under 18 years and individuals with a medical condition should consult a doctor before taking Slim & Fit Tea.
Slim & Fit Tea does NOT have laxatives. However, do not exceed the recommended daily dose.

Directions for use

Drink a glass of water in the morning before drinking Slim & Fit Tea. Allow the tea to steep in simmering water for 3-5 minutes.
It’s important to steep long enough to release the antioxidants in the tea. Follow this morning routine for 28 days and enjoy the amazing results.