Cassia seeds possess natural laxative properties, which aid weight loss. They were used in ancient medicine to cure ailments related to infections. Cassia seeds promote digestion, lower blood pressure, and maintain cholesterol levels.

Benefits of Cassia Seeds

Improve food digestion
Cassia seeds contain glycosides, an organic compound that aid gastric secretion. A cup of Slim & Fit Tea improves digestion.
Prevent constipation
Cassia seeds have natural laxative properties and therapeutic benefits. Slim & Fit Tea keeps your intestinal tract hydrated and aids bowel movement. Cassia seeds also prevent a buildup of heat in your intestinal tract.
Kill bacteria and fungi
Cassia seeds prevent the growth of microorganisms such as Bacillus subtilis, fungi, and Staphylococcus.
Enhance vision
Cassia seeds are a natural remedy for dryness of the eyes, blurred vision, and glaucoma.
Lower blood pressure
Cassia seeds reduce high blood pressure and blood lipids. They also lower cholesterol levels.
Reduce weight
Cassia seeds reduce appetite and expel toxins from your body. They drain excess water, giving you toned skin.

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